ReThinc Aviation 2nd Edition


Our second edition of ReThinc Aviation, in which we explore the latest insight, trends, thinking and analysis from the sector. In this edition:

Lesson Learnt – The T5 Secrets of Success

In our first article Tracy De La Rosa, formerly of EC Harris, and Mark Utting consider the secrets of success from Heathrow’s massive T5 program. Read more 

Leveraging Technology – Airports without Queues

In our second article David Lee considers what the utopian vision of the ‘airport without queues’ will mean for the planning and development of aviation assets. Read more

How to Manage a ‘Hot Meeting’

With aviation projects typically having a large number of stakeholders, it is not surprising that some meetings can get heated. Managing such meetings for project and program professionals can be particularly challenging as they are often required to facilitate, whilst also having a stake in the content. Read more