Unlock Cashable Savings From Your Assets



With Chinese growth stalling and rising government debt, both private and public sector organisations need to seek efficiency savings and increase productivity to maximise organisational outcomes.

For most organisations, the three biggest costs are people, buildings and technology – the effective combination of these three resources can deliver outstanding performance and improve productivity.

In reality, however, many organisations consider their buildings as liabilities. This needs to change. The effective use of assets – known as Strategic Asset Management – generates cashable savings, improves productivity and ultimately enables better organisational outcomes.


Strategic Asset Management ensures that an organisation’s whole asset base is optimally structured to enable it to meet its strategic business and financial goals.

It helps public sector organisations generate cashable savings that can be reinvested to deliver better frontline services.

It helps private sector organisations become more agile to confidently adapt and respond to changing business conditions, enabling them to plan their long term capital requirements in a financially sustainable manner, thereby creating a sustainably strong balance sheet.


We typically find that many organisations operate with a dispersed property portfolio which does not make the best use of their estate, and does not necessarily meet their customer expectations and their operational needs. A more effective use of these built assets could help them improve services and generate significant efficiency savings whilst unlocking wider benefits.

The first step is to understand your asset base. A robust portfolio review will provide important information on how your estate is currently performing. Specifically, a review should analyse current and projected property performance, whole life costs and future investment needs. Only when armed with such sophisticated data can providers make informed decisions about where to invest and how best to unlock savings.

Once that has happened, we recommend adopting a strategic approach to produce a transformational asset plan, which unlocks the full value of your assets…