Thinc helps Brisbane Airport upgrade its domestic terminal fuel hydrant line

Thinc recently worked with Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) to successfully isolate and drain-down the entire fuel hydrant system at Brisbane Domestic Airport to allow new hydrant points and valves to be installed.

Following a detailed planning process that included collaboration with the airlines, the fuel suppliers and BAC, the project team drained the line and coordinated the upgrade works while working with local stakeholders to support normal operations.

The Domestic Terminal hydrant line was re-commissioned and back in service just 37.5 hours after the project started. This was the one of the few times that a drain down of the fuel hydrant line has been undertaken at this terminal and it was a critical part of upgrading the fuel line infrastructure.

The project team faced challenging conditions, with rain and mist throughout the works period.  Despite this, zero incidents were recorded and the mechanical works were successfully finished four hours ahead of schedule. 

Key statistics:

– Total Shutdown Time: 37.5 hours
– Total Rain Fall: 27 mm
– No. of Incidents: Zero
– Mechanical works time: 18 hours (4 hours ahead of schedule)
– Number of welds: 2 x 450NB, 1 x 300NB, 3 x 150NB

CEO and Managing Director, Julieanne Alroe congratulated the project team on their successful planning and early delivery of the works.

To find out more, contact our Head of Aviation, David Hudson.

BAC Fuel Hydrant Line