Nadi International Airport Modernisation Project


Delivering a major airport terminal upgrade

Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) sought to remodel its terminal facility at its flagship international airport in Nadi to improve the traveller experience, optimise commercial revenues, and improve outcomes for all its stakeholders.

The upgrade – called the Nadi Airport Terminal Modernisation Project – is a key step in AFL’s journey to becoming the world’s leading small airport and ATM service provider. It involves a complete refurbishment of the international and domestic terminal facilities along with major extension works. Specifically, the project will incorporate:

  • Significant structural extensions
  • A complete internal refurbishment and remodelling exercise affecting 25,000m2 in building area, including all new retail, lounges, airline lounges, airline gates, public spaces, offices and back of house areas
  • Complete replacement of mechanical services Infrastructure with a new chilled water system
  • New building management systems incorporating energy efficiency and monitoring systems
  • Fire Engineering and resultant upgrades to fire sprinkler systems, storage tanks, booster pumps and fire services mains and fire electrical services
  • Complete replacement of telecommunications and data infrastructure with new fibre based systems enabling IP based support systems
  • Complete replacement all escalators, and lifts and supply and installation of 3 additional lifts
  • Replacement of lighting and low voltage power systems
  • Upgrades to the emergency backup systems with New Generators
  • Security (CCTV) and access control replacement and upgrades to IATA and ICAO requirements across the terminal
  • Ground Transport (Carpark and Access Roading) Reorientation and upgrades to improve traffic management
  • Upgrades to the baggage handling on both check in and arrivals
  • External Landscaping and Irrigation works

All these works are being staged to occur within a busy operational airport environment.

Advice + Action

Turner & Townsend Thinc has been engaged at nominal 60% design to undertake design reviews and provide a complete suite of project management services to complete the project.

Procurement and contractual advice has also been provided by Turner & Townsend Thinc so that contract delivery methodology is informed, suited to the particular project constraints, client risk profile and preferences.


Working in partnership with the client, Turner & Townsend Thinc has created a framework to enable an inter national standard airport design to be achieved.

We have provided detailed construction scheduling and staging plans to ensure the works can be effectively delivered in an operational airport environment with minimal disruption.

The project is now entering the construction phase. Inter national best practice techniques and ideas have been adopted to ensure the final outcome is a modern, efficient inter national airport, whilst local architecture will ensure the project portrays the unique Fijian culture. Thinc will also provide tenancy coordination services as an additional service.